AI Synergies


Xavier Morelle

CEO, Savics

An AI and deep learning use case: Identifying populations more likely to have diseases like tuberculosis

MediScout is a surveillance and community tool that improves the detection and reporting of diseases, and the quality and sensitivity of community activities in Africa. The solution suite consists of a prediction map that identifies tuberculosis disease hot-spots, a mobile app that guides field teams to at-risk sites and allows them to report in-field screening activities, and a web app used for planning, designing, monitoring and analysis of field data.


Xavier Morelle is a Ph.D. holder in particle physics from ETH Zurich. He also undertook the EMBA-Global program at LBS & CBS.
After having held various positions at Goodyear during 13 years, Xavier began his journey to social entrepreneurship in 2015 motivated by a desire to contribute to social inclusion and co-founded 2 companies- Savics included.


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