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Wojtek Jamroga

Research associate

On Domination and Control in Strategic Ability (Extended Abstract) 

We propose a technique to compare partial strategies for agents and coalitions in multi-agent environments with imperfect information. The proposed relation mimics the game-theoretic notion of strategic dominance: a stronger partial strategy can replace a weaker one in a full strategy, while preserving the enforceability of a given goal. Our version of dominance is based on a new notion of input/output characteristics for partial strategies. 

We evaluate our approach on two scalable benchmarks from the literature. The experiments are carried out for the tasks of incremental synthesis of uniform strategies and optimization of a winning strategy, with very promising results.


Wojciech Jamroga is an associate professor at the Polish Academy of Sciences and a research associate at the University of Luxembourg. His research focuses on modeling, specification and verification of interaction between agents. Hehas coauthored over 100 refereed publications, and has been a Program Committee member of most important conferences and workshops in AI and multi-agent systems. His research track includes the Best Paper Award at the main conference on electronic voting (E-VOTE-ID) in 2016, and a nomination for the Best Paper Award at the main agent systems conference (AAMAS) in 2018.


Halle aux Fûts
Day 2 - Nov 7th

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