AI Synergies


Tias Guns

Professor, VUB

A Big Data Platform for Mobility Data



I am assistant professor at the VUB (Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium):

  • co-head of the Data Analytics lab
  • member of the cross-faculty Artificial Intelligence lab
  • member of the MOBI research center.

My two main research lines are:

Integration of data mining/machine learning and constraint optimisation, including the use of constraint solving in data mining and solving complex prediction + optimisation problems;

and the use of data mining and data analytics on raw mobility data, such as from ANPR cameras and GPS units, to better understand mobility behaviour.


Gamay room
Day 1 - Nov 6th

Brewery of Ideas

AI Synergies is organized by VUB/ULB, BNVKI and Brewery of Ideas.

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