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Lindsay Kempen


Visualising the Training Process of Convolutional Neural Networks for Non-Experts

As convolutional neural networks impact all of society, we created a visualization tool that helps non-experts understand how they learn. Our open-source tool uses dimensionality reduction (UMAP) to create a 2D visualisation of the CNN's activity. We enrich the plot with information such as the input images, predicted classes and prediction accuracy. By plotting this every epoch, we create a video which intuitively shows the network’s behaviour changing over time.  


I'm currently in my Computer Science Master, specializing in Data Science. The past years I've been working on connecting the human world and CS, working on visualization tools, NLP and a sports-specific difficulty classifier (as thesis). I'm also active in CS promotion, education and the stages in between. That way, I can share the enthusiasm I can't keep to myself!


Syrah room
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Day 3 - Nov 8th

Brewery of Ideas

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