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Joey De Pauw

Doctoral Student

SubSect — An Interactive Itemset Visualization

Itemsets and association rules are among the most simple and intuitive patterns that are being used to explore transaction datasets. However, they lack meaning without both context and domain knowledge. Typically a user has to sift through hundreds of these patterns before finding an interesting one, losing sight of the forest for the trees. We propose a novel itemset and association rule visualization that makes it possible to inspect, assess, and compare patterns at a glance.


From bachelor in Computer Science to master, now on to doctoral student at the University of Antwerp. SubSect started as a research project in my thesis year. Though my research interests now are more focused around recommender systems and the explainability of their results, I am still very excited for the opportunity to present this project at Benelearn and take my first steps in the academic world.


Gamay room
Research presentations ML
Day 3 - Nov 8th

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