AI Synergies


Jens de Hoog

PhD researcher

Improving Machine Learning-based Decision-Making through Inclusion of Data Quality 

Nowadays, numerous heterogenous Internet of Things devices are producing large amounts of data. This data originates from a dynamic environment in which these devices are operating, but that implies there is a degree of uncertainty in the data. We introduce a concept in which the quality of data is measured and is incorporated in a machine learning-based Decision-Making Process. Thus, the decisions are made with knowledge about that quality. 


Jens de Hoog is a PhD-researcher at IDLab, a joint research initiative between the University of Antwerp and Ghent University. In his PhD project, he is focusing on data quality in distributed intelligent systems, under the supervision of Peter Hellinckx. In his spare time, Jens is co-founder of iMagineLab, a technology club for fellow colleagues and students of the Faculty of Applied Engineering. 


Halle aux Fûts
Day 2 - Nov 7th

Brewery of Ideas

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