AI Synergies


Jan Maushagen

PhD Student, VUB

TICKLE: A Playful Mobile Digital Environment to Raise Learning Engagement



Jan Maushagen pursues his PhD studies in the context of the TICKLE project. He is inherently interested in data visualisation, interactive storytelling and location based gaming. Following up the success of Pokemon Go, he currently researches the qualities of location based games for learning in non school environments. In particular, he explores the usage of persuasive design techniques for raising learner engagement.

He holds a MSc and BSc Degree in Computer Science from the Vrije Universiteit Brussels and Universit├Ąt Trier (Germany). Throughout his studies, he showcased personal interest in data visualisation with several projects. His Master thesis explored the relatedness of tags in social media systems and their graphical representations. For his Bachelor project he introduced an interactive web application to facilitate the comprehension publication networks


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