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Hans Cappelle

R&D engineer, Imec Leuven

Gesture Recognition with an FMCW Radar

This paper presents a Dynamic Hand-Gesture Recognition (HGR) demo using a millimeter-Wave 140 GHz Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave (FMCW) radar. An event-driven architecture is proposed to enable real-time inference, where we used a Convolutional Long Short-term Memory (CLSTM) model for gesture recognition.


At Imec Leuven, Hans Cappelle is responsible for integrating software algorithms for CMOS radar chips, targeting applications in the automotive and internet of things domains. He received an MsC degree in Industrial sciences from KHBO of Ostend in 1994, joining Imec in that year. He has a background in software design for broadband wireless communication systems, GPS, and radar.



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