AI Synergies


Feras Almasri

PhD student

Towards the next generation of smart and visual multimodal sensor networks

High accuracy in object detection and target recognition using a single sensor is vulnerable to external interferences and exhibit environmental dependencies. One key to success is a wider environment perception system derived from disparate sources. This allows to overcome the limitations when these sources are used individually and to reduce the uncertainty in the captured information. 


I’m pursuing my PhD studies at LISA department in Brussels School of Engineering, which is a part of ULB. I’m mainly focusing on Deep Learning computer vision algorithms. In particular, I’m interested in image transformation between spaces of multimodal sensors, image restoration from low-resolution/noisy images to an enhanced clean version and face detection in crowded scenes.  

I hold a BSc in computer engineering from Philadelphia University and MSc in computer Science from the Université Libre de Bruxelles. I also pursue my master studies in criminology, because I believe in transdisciplinary thinking that goes across all dimensions to understand the fundamental existence of major real-life challenges.   


Gamay room
Day 1 - Nov 6th

Brewery of Ideas

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