AI Synergies


Dr. Bas Cornelis Jansen

AI Engineer / Senior Life Sciences Expert, Omina Technologies
Omina Technologies

Liability and Risk: Why Explanability & Ethical AI Should Matter to Industry

Ethical Artificial Intelligence is a concept being discussed in academic circles and by regulators but why is it important for business and industry to get on the bandwagon? Rachel Alexander will be discussing:
  • What is ethical artificial intelligence?
  • Why should companies care about ethical artificial intelligence
  • How can companies concretely implement the principles of ethical artificial intelligence like data privacy, explainability and transparency? 
  • How Omina uses its innovative hybrid (symbolic and sub-symbolic) Artificial Intelligence platform for ethical AI


Bas Jansen is an AI engineer with a focus on the Life Sciences and biopharma applications. He has an engineering degree in computer science and a PhD in Glyco-bioinformatics. Furthermore, he has significant industrial experience, having worked at various pharmaceutical companies. His current research focuses on developing ethical AI solutions, within Omina Technologies.


Halle Vitrée
Day 1 - Nov 6th

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AI Synergies is organized by VUB/ULB, BNVKI and Brewery of Ideas.

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