AI Synergies


Dirk Heylen

Professor, University of Twente
University of Twente

On multidisciplinary collaboration: the case of affective computing and social signal processing

In many areas of AI, research is carried out by groups of researchers from several disciplines. In the field of Affective Computing computer scientists and researchers on emotions frequently work together. However if you ask two psychologists to define emotion they will most probably give a different answer. In this talk, I want to discuss some issues in the field and reflect on the current state of the art.


After his studies of Linguistics, Computer Science and Computational Linguistics at the University of Antwerp he moved to the Institute of Dutch Lexicology in Leyden to develop tools for enriching natural language databases. After a couple of years he went on to the Utrecht University and got involved in the big European project Eurotra on Machine Translation. After moving to the University of Twente he started working on embodied dialogue systems and many other kinds of intelligent interactive systems.


Halle Vitree
Faculty in AI session - FACTS
Day 2 - Nov 7th

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