AI Synergies


Arnout De Vis

Expert RPA Engineer, RoboRana NV
RoboRana NV

The future of intelligent automation

Tired of repetitive and manual work in your organization? Interested to know how to help your customers faster and better? During this fascinating demonstration we will give you insights in how to use an Intelligent Workforce to make your organization more efficient and your customers happier.


Arnout is a very driven speaker who likes to take his audience on a journey through intelligent solutions. He helps organizations on the road towards digital transformation and efficiency and as a driver within RoboRana, he loves to share his insights in how to achieve this goal with RPA and AI technologies.


Halle Vitrée
Day 1 - Nov 6th

Brewery of Ideas

AI Synergies is organized by VUB/ULB, BNVKI and Brewery of Ideas.

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